When traveling, we usually have two main choices of transportation – flying and driving. Though they both have their ups and downs, here are a few ways to figure out which one is more cost effective.

Flying: Flying is more cost effective when you have just yourself or a few others going. It’s also more cost effective when you’re traveling really far away. For example, if you want to travel from Oregon to Maine, it will probably be much cheaper to fly there if it’s just you and a few other people you’re paying for. When driving, you have to factor in the amount of gas you’re spending, the costs of food, as well as the hotel nights you’re booking.

Driving: If you want to drive, there are some ways it can be more cost effective. When you have a large group of people going on a vacation vs. a small group, it’s best to just cram into one vehicle. It’s also a better idea when you are traveling a short distance and it would cost more to fly.

As you can see, it really just depends how far you’re traveling, how many people are coming and what you’re taking to get there.


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